AQTEK – The technology of ‘Aqua’ – dynamic flow of liquids and gases.

AQTEK multi layer composite (MLC) pipe system consists of multilayer pipes and innovative fittings in brass (DZR) and techno-polymer, which are chosen according to the installation needs.
AQTEK MLC pipe is a composite of polyethylene and aluminum (polyethylene-aluminum-polyethylene or pe-al-pe) which amalgamates the best properties of both the materials, and results in a pipe which is light, strong and corrosion resistant.

AQTEK MLC pipes conform to IS: 15450 as well as to ASTM F-1282.
There are various applications: from the distribution of hot and cold drinking water to centralized water supply systems, from radiator and fan heating systems to radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, from compressed air systems to industrial plants.

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